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Karnataka Ganakala Parishat is a landmark jury in the history of the Karnatic music. A music conference was held at first to honor few achievements made and during the deliberations, it was conceived to be the platform that would set the standard for Karnatic music. It began in 1969 with the practice of hosting annual conferences on music, which in turn grew to be one of the largest cultural events of the state. Over the years the committee at Karnataka Ganakala Parishat became a byword for efficiency and its conferences has seen music-lovers from all over the world flocking to it, to revel in its unique artistic atmosphere. Along these 50 plus years, the committee has always striven to uphold the core values of classicism and maintain high standards of excellence.

Karnataka Ganakala Parishat's golden jubilee celebration was celebrated gloriously in 2020. Musicians quoted the event as 'One of its Own'.

The golden jubilee celebration conference lasted for two weeks between 1st Feb to 16 Feb of 2020.

Violin maestros Vid. Sri. Mysore M. Nagaraj and Vid. Dr. Mysore M. Manjunath were unanimously elected to preside over as the Senior Musicians Conference President for conferring the title of Gana Kala Bhushana. Vid. Sri Giridhar Udupa (Ghatam Vidwan) and Vid. Sri. Guruprasanna (Khanjira Vidwan) were unanimously elected to preside over as Young Musicians Conference President for conferring the title Gana Kalashree awards respectively. Vid. Dr. T.S. Sathyavathi presided over as the Experts committee chairman. More than 350 musicians all over the world performed on this grand occasion adding a Feather in the Cap.

The conference kicked off with the grand inauguration by Sri Sri Sri Shivratri Deshikendra Swamiji of Suttur mutt, Shri Katte Satyanarayana (the former Mayor), President Ganakala Bhushana Vid. Dr. R.K. Padmanabha and other panel members.

From the second day of the conference, the program started with the thematic Gaana Yagna - a unique way of presenting musical compositions in goshti and performing yagna to the raaga and swara devates of the composition - an exclusive opinion conceptualised by KGKP President Ganakala Bhushana Vid. Dr R K Padmanabha. The compositions of each day were dedicated to one popular vaggeyakkara of Karnatik music. More than 300 musicians and music students participated singing 7 to 8 kritis each day. Ganakala Parishat supported various upcoming and well established accompanying artists by providing a chance for them to perform for the Gaana Yagna. With a concept of 'Sapta Swara Vidwaamsaru', 7 vidwans each day, a total of 50 Vidwans were honoured in the vidwat sadas after the gaana yagna. Various genres of vidwans were recognised for the award.

Followng the gaana yagna and the honouring of vidwans, expert sessions or vidwat goshti was conducted on all days.


19 Vidwat Goshtis were conducted with very interesting topics such as,

1. Thyagaraja Tulasipara Kritis

2. Mrudanga Taranga

3. Creativity in Group Collaboration: New Music From London

4. Speed In Music Brain And Body

5. Vachanagalahalli Adhyatma

6. Khanjara Vaadya Vaisistiya

7. Ghata Vaadya Itihaasa Mattu Belavanige

8. Deva Mandiragalalli Nagaswara Sampradaya

9. Haridasa Suladi

10. Violin Vaadya Vaibhava

11. Gayana Mattu Vaadya Sangeetadalli Paraspara Pooraka Vicharagalu

12. Sri Shama Shastri Kritigalalli Sangeeta Srimantike

13. Karnataka Shastriya Sangeetaabhyasakke Parinaamakari Tantragnanada Sadbalike

14. Karnataka Hindustani Raga Samvada

15. Panchanada Swara Raga Vatya Ranga Vaibhava - Usage of Aunklaung Instrument in Carnatic Music

16. Veene Ondu Sampurna Vaadya

 17. Parama Pooja Sri Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamigala Rachanegalu

18. Sri Muttuswamy Deekshitara Kritigallalli Vishista Raga Sancharagalu

19. Vartmanadalli Karnataka Sangeetada Ulivu Mattu Belavanige.


The musical programs for the conference started off in the evening. Initial concerts performed by an upcoming artists and the last session by a senior musician.

A whopping count of 45 concerts was conducted in the conference. Musicians all over India performed in the event. Vocal, Violin, Flute, Chitraveena, Veena, Nagaswara, Percussion ensemble concerts etc were performed. 7 duet performances were showcased. Accompaniments such as Violin, Mridanga, Ghatam, Khanjira, Morcing with Yugala Mridangam and Yugala Dholu was played.

Each concert and expert session held in the conference was a treat for music connoisseurs, a very good learning for music students and an inexplicable experience for everyone who witnessed this great event. Each event emphasized the dignity of the Golden Jubilee conference.

Magnificent procession was held for Vid. Mysore M. Nagaraj, Vid. Dr. Mysore M. Manjunath, Vid. Guruprasanna and Vid. Giridhar Udupa. Golden carriage and a silver carriage was used for the procession for the Ganakala Bhushana and Ganakala Shree awardees respectively. Many musicians and music connoisseurs participated giving it a rich and vibrant feel.

Annadana was generously executed on a daily basis to more than 1000 people attending the program. It was meticulously brought off. Validictory function was carried off on its awe-inspiring grandeur with his holy presence of  Sri Sri Parama Pujya Sachhidanand Swami Ji, his holiness Srimanmaharja Sri Yadu Veera Krishnadutta Chamaraja Wodeyar along with all the panel members of Ganalala Parishat,  music connoisseurs and music students.

This grand music fiesta was concluded on the 16th of February 2020 conferring the titles of Ganakala Bhushana to Vid Mysore M Nagaraj and Vid Dr Mysore M Manjunath and Gana Kalashree to Vid Guruprasanna and Vid Giridhar Udupa.

An outstanding music jamboree has left an indelible memory for people to reminisce for the years to come. The golden jubilee celebration is marked in history with the golden pen.

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